How to Make Serial Killer Halloween Costumes

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Serial killers, both real and imagined, make an impact on people's minds and nightmares. Choosing to be a serial killer for Halloween can be ultra creepy or merely tongue in cheek. Decide which way you want to go and choose the serial killer that will work for you. You may already have a serial killer's wardrobe sitting in your closet right now. Alternatively, create your own serial killer identity and have people guessing who you are. The scariest serial killers are the ones you never imagine will turn out to be psychopaths.

Dress the part. Pull on a long-sleeved, casual plaid, button-down shirt and tuck it neatly into khaki trousers. Be one of those serial killers that people would never suspect by looking very clean-cut and neat. This would be appropriate for a Ted Bundy or Dexter serial killer. For a terrifying movie killer such as Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees, pull on a dark-coloured, one-piece jumpsuit.

Complete the look with some casual shoes such as loafers. The object is to look like a nice guy. The serial killers this look will emulate are Showtime's "Dexter" or the real-life killer Ted Bundy. Both men dressed preppy casual and looked harmless. For Jason or Michael Myers, some black or brown work boots or sneakers would work.

Pick a prop. Splatter some fake blood on yourself and carry a knife to pose as Dexter, a serial killer who helps cops solve crimes but commits murders himself. Ted Bundy often posed as an injured student to lure females into his vehicle, so he would wear an arm brace or sling and carry some textbooks in the other hand. Jason Voorhees is notorious for carrying around a machete, and this will work for Michael Myers, too. Dribble a little fake blood on the machete.

Add your mask. For Dexter or Ted Bundy, skip this step. In the "Friday The 13th" series of movies, Jason Voorhees wears a white hockey mask. Michael Myers lurks around Haddonfield in the "Halloween" movies wearing an old Halloween mask that started as a William Shatner "Captain Kirk" mask and now just makes Michael appear faceless and creepy. Both of these masks can be found at costume shops or retailers.

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