James Bond character costume ideas

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James Bond sports one of the most iconic looks in all of cinema: an irresistible combination of elegance and danger that has kept movie fans on the edges of their seats for nearly 50 years. A James Bond costume is fairly easy to assemble, whether you want to go as Bond himself or as one of his lovely companions.

The basics

The general James Bond look consists of a black tuxedo with a white shirt and black tie. It needs to be crisp and well-pressed, looking as if it came fresh from the cleaners. In some films--for example, "Goldfinger" and "Octopussy"--Bond wore a white dinner jacket with his tux, garnished with a red carnation in his lapel. You can tailor the tux to match a particular era of Bond. Roger Moore's 1970s incarnation , for example, wore tuxes with flared trousers and wide lapels, and Daniel Craig sported an unmade tie and the top button of his shirt undone in "Casino Royale." Finally, if you're going to go as Bond, you need a replica of his gun: a Walther PPK in the older films and a Walther P99 in Daniel Craig's incarnation.


The best variant of the Bond look was sported by Sean Connery in "Goldfinger"--a grey business suit and waistcoat, white shirt and black tie with a Windsor knot. Bond also wore scuba gear and frogman outfits on a number of occasions: a black wetsuit, oxygen tank and face mask, along with an appropriate weapon, such as a spear gun.

Bond Girls

Women can join the fun, too. Bond's various women sported a number of memorable looks, which you can evoke just as easily as the men do with Bond. A high-end evening dress with heels and appropriate jewellery makes a fine start, and if you go as a pair with your Bond man, you won't have any problems being identified. A more dynamic Bond girl look includes a black vinyl or leather catsuit and a gun of your choice. (Study the films carefully so you look properly Bondian without veering into Emma Peel territory.) Pussy Galore wore a variety of outfits in "Goldfinger," including a black woman's suit and a gold lame dress shirt. She was joined by Jill Masterson, who famously died after being sprayed with gold paint. You can match this look more modestly with a gold catsuit, colouring your face and hands with gold body paint. If you're comfortable going risque, consider Halle Berry's orange bikini (complete with a white utility belt) in "Die Another Day." Ursula Andress also wore a white bikini and a similar utility belt in the first Bond film, "Dr. No."