How to make a Freddie Mercury costume

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Freddie Mercury was the charasmatic and golden-voiced singer of the British rock band Queen. With such hits as "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Another One Bites The Dust," the band was a staple of the '80s music scene. Mercury had a style all his own, consisting of tight clothing, leather and wild leotards.

Put together an unmistakeable Mercury look for Halloween or a costume party.

No pressure

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Pull on some bottoms. There are several options so use what you can find. Mercury was seen in black and red leather pants, black leather shorts or tight blue jeans of any colour.

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Choose a top. A classic, tight white tank top would work, but Mercury also sported graphic T-shirts, notably one that said "Flash" on it in red lettering. If you are feeling brave, Mercury also performed shirtless quite a bit, or added suspenders without a shirt.

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Put on a jacket. Mercury wore a lot of leather jackets. He sometimes wore a black leather jacket while shirtless underneath, or had a famous yellow leather jacket. An open leather jacket over a tank top or patterned T-shirt would also work.

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Add a belt if you are wearing jeans. Mercury performed sometimes in a classic ensemble of tank top, tight jeans and a black leather belt. A belt may not be necessary if you are wearing leather pants unless you want to add a cool studded one. Slip into white sneakers.

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Slick back your hair. Though Mercury had a mullet style at the start of Queen's rise, most people may remember him most for sporting a short, slicked-back hairstyle. His hair looked wet and was completely slicked away from his face.

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Add a fake mustache, unless you have a real one. Mercury had a famous thick mustache.

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Swipe on some red lipstick if you are feeling a little glam. Mercury was sometimes known to perform with a bit of makeup on to add a bit of drama to his look.