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"Blast from the Past" costume parties are a fun way to relive some old favourite fashions. Whether they are dedicated to one decade, such as the '80s, or if you simply tell guests to pick their favourite past look and dress accordingly, you'll have some good times reflecting on some of the crazier clothing in history. Learning some costume ideas for a "Blast from the Past" themed party can help make your next costume party one to remember for years to come.

Famous Musicians

A famous musician from the past is one idea with lots of variations, since each decade had its own iconic music and musicians. You could do an '80s pop star look, such as Madonna or Michael Jackson. For a visit to the groovy '60s, you could try a hippie look in the fashion of Janis Joplin or Jimi Hendrix. Or go back to the '50s and re-create the look of Buddy Holly or Elvis Presley. Host a musician-themed party and enjoy seeing guests show up as various famed past musicians.

Your Past

Dress as a version of yourself from the past. This is a great idea if you are having a reunion party with old friends from high school or with family. Take an old photo of yourself and try to re-create that same look. Head to local thrift stores and even costume shops to find pieces to mix and match so that you can revisit your own "Blast from the Past" self.

Different Eras

Go with an era-based costume for your next "Blast from the Past" Party. You could do popular ones such as '80s glam, '70s disco or '60s hippie, or you could go even farther back. The flapper look of the 1920s is a popular past costume idea, or revisit the 1800s and the look of the Wild West with cowboy and Indian costumes and saloon girl dresses. To ensure a good variety of costumes, write down decades on slips of paper and have guests draw them out of a hat prior to the party. Each guest can then emulate a look from that decade for an eclectic "Blast from the Past" party. Alternatively, have a party dedicated to one decade.

Past Leaders

Politicians and well-known historical leaders can make for an interesting costume idea or party theme. Dress as an old president and choose from popular costumes such as Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy, or in more recent times, Bill Clinton or George Bush. You could delve further into history and dress as famous generals and war heroes. For the women, choose First Ladies such as Eleanor Roosevelt or Jackie Kennedy. Other ideas for popular women leaders from the past include Joan of Arc and Cleopatra.

Past Fictional Characters

Venture out from historical figures of the past and dress as a famous fictional character. This idea opens up numerous options. You could become a popular character from a movie, literature or television series of the past. Pick one selection, such as having a famous literary characters party, for all the guests to choose from. Or make it more specific and pick one show or movie from the past for guests to use as costume inspiration.

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