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How to make a Kill Bill nurse costume

Updated April 17, 2017

Fans of the movie "Kill Bill" will remember the scene where Elle Driver was disguised as a hospital nurse. Of course, it must've been a scene from a movie -- because Elle would have been spotted a mile away -- as she strutted down the hall in her nurse's getup. If you're looking to recreate this sexy nurse's costume, for the full effect, be sure to include all the accessories.

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  1. Use a nurse's uniform from a costume shop or online. Be sure it is the entire outfit, including a white nurse's hat. Add a little extra "va-va-voom" by wearing white pumps (plimsolls), even though Elle wears flats. Wear a long, blond wig.

  2. Include accessories with the costume. Accessories should include a fake needle. You can likely purchase this from a costume shop. Wear white thigh-high stockings underneath the uniform.

  3. Don a white eye patch with a red cross on the front. White eye patches may be purchased online. Use a red marker to draw your own red cross on the white patch, if it does not already have one.

  4. Fill the syringe with plain water that has been dyed red with the food colouring. Keep the fake syringe in the pocket of your costume, until you're ready to whip it out -- for punishment -- at the party.

  5. Apply the bright red lipstick and the sinister dark eye make-up.

  6. Tip

    To keep the look naughty, go for a uniform that is form fitting. Unfasten the first few buttons of the nurse's uniform. The uniform can also be short for a peek-a-boo look at the thigh-high stockings.

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Things You'll Need

  • Nurse's uniform
  • White shoes
  • Long blond wig
  • Syringe
  • White thigh-high stockings
  • White eye patch
  • Red food colouring

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