How to Do a Front Braid Headband

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A headband allows women to wear their hair down in a flattering style that frames their face without having to deal with their hair in their eyes all the time. However, wearing a headband for an extended period of time, often causes a truly uncomfortable pain that comes from having a hard, somewhat tight object squeezed around the skull. Creating a front braided hair headband completely changes all that, as it uses your front pieces of hair in the braid, thus pulling them up and out of your eyes, yet still creating a border around your face.

Comb your hair evenly and create a centre part that goes straight down the middle of your head.

Pull your comb 2 inches away from your hairline and drag the hair forward. Do this with all the hair 2 inches from your hairline, all around your face. This is the hair you will use for your braided headband.

Twist the remaining bulk of your hair back and secure it in a large clip so it's out of your way.

Comb your 2 inch wide front section of hair so that it's tangle free. Place your comb on the area of hair just above your left ear and comb your front section of hair from left to right. This will help guide your hair in the direction it needs to be.

Take the area of hair just above one ear and divide it into three sections. Lay the right section over the middle section and the left section over the just-moved right section. Continue to braid your hair. You can braid normally to have a loose braid to wrap around your head, or choose a fishtail braid by grabbing more hair as you go. The fishtail will be more secure against your head.

Wrap a small hair elastic around the end of the braid which will end up being near or behind your right ear, depending on how long your hair is. Secure this bottom part with a small decorative barrette.

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