How to Use a Scunci Easy Braid

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French braiding hair can be a rather complicated task. It involves keeping track of so many pieces of hair at once, that many people find creating a french braid to be too difficult and give up. For this reason, Scunci created the Easy Braid, an affordable hair piece that holds your hair into place while you braid it and makes creating french braids quick and simple.

Separate a small section of hair at the top of your head, and place the Easy Braid underneath the hair section at the point where you want the braid to begin. Placing the Easy Braid nearer to your scalp will make for a tighter braid, while holding it farther from your scalp will result in a looser style.

Place 1/3 of the section of hair into the 1st slot of the Easy Braid, and separate the remaining hair into two equal pieces. Place these pieces in the 3rd and 4th slots. You are now in home position.

Carry the hair from the 4th slot to the 2nd slot to empty the 4th slot.

Carry the hair from the 3rd slot to the 4th slot to empty the 3rd slot.

Carry the hair from the 1st slot to the 3rd slot to empty the 1st slot.

Carry the hair from the 2nd slot to the 1st slot.

Take a new small strand of hair from the left side of your head and add it to the piece of hair already in the 1st slot. Then, take another small strand of hair from the right side of your head and add it the hair in the 4th slot.

Repeat steps 3-7 until your french braid has reached the length you want it to be.

Divide whatever hair remains underneath the Easy Braid into two equal parts. Place half of it into the 1st slot and half into the 4th slot. Repeat steps 3 to 6 one more time, so that your hair is back in home position.

Remove the Easy Braid, making sure to keep the three sections of hair separate.

Braid the remaining hair into a standard braid.

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