How to Make a Braveheart Costume

Braveheart is a historical drama from 1995 featuring William Wallace, a 13th-century Scottish knight. During the movie, William Wallace takes up arms of opposition against the reign of Edward I of England.

During the many battles against England, Wallace uses traditional Scottish warrior attire with distinctive face paint to strike fear into his enemies. Even though some costume stores may sell Braveheart-specific costumes, creating your own can give you an extra original edge.

Use a pair of shorts or a skirt that is above knee length. Next, purchase plaid fabric from a fabric store. Look for traditional plaid colours such as greens and blues. Make sure to get enough fabric; five feet by five feet is generally enough. Next, cut out a piece of fabric to cover your shorts or skirt. Make sure it is long enough to wrap all the way around you and be about knee length. Next, pin the fabric to your shorts or skirt using safety pins to keep it in place. Finally, cut out a second piece of fabric to cross over your torso as a sash.

Use a light brown long sleeve shirt to wear as the first layer of clothing. On top of the light brown shirt, wear a dark brown short sleeve shirt. This will help give the illusion of wearing leather armour. Then on top of the shirt, the sash will drape over and connect to the kilt you created.

Use leather or dark-coloured sandals for footwear. Take some paper cups, such as cups from fast food restaurants, and cut out the bottoms. Paint the outsides of the cups dark brown. Slide your arms through the cups and you will have bracers; you can also do this for armour around the shins, although you will also need to cut the back of the cup.

Purchase blue and white face paint and copy the face paint of William Wallace or create your own design. Next, purchase a wig to get the most realistic-looking William Wallace costume. Purchase a fake sword or create your own by using cardboard and duct tape. To make a sword from cardboard, take a large box and cut a sword shape out. Wrap the blade portion of the sword with silver duct tape. Remember, William Wallace carried an extremely large two-handed sword.