How to make peacock boutonnieres

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Peacock boutonnières make a colourful addition to the wedding party or other formal setting. They can also be personalised to match the flowers selected for the wedding bouquets, if desired. If the feather is strong enough, the entire boutonnière can be slipped into the buttonhole on the lapel of a suit or tuxedo jacket, or the boutonnière can be mounted to a pin-back to create a more brooch-like boutonnière. If possible, use flower clippings from the florist to save money.

Select a peacock feather with the desired appearance in the top "eye" portion. Trim the outer ends, if desired, of the upper feather to shape the boutonnière or make it appear less "fluffy"

Cut the end of the feather to the desired height for the boutonnière, keeping in mind that about three inches of feather should be reserved at the bottom for the boutonnière. Strip the fluffy feather on the lower three-inch portion.

Lay the peacock feather, eye facing up, on a clean work surface. Choose a flower (or two) and lay it on top of the feather, arranging it in the desired location. Don't cover the eye on the feather.

Cut a long piece of ribbon several feet in length. This should suffice as the extra can be trimmed later.

Hold the peacock feather and flowers in one hand. Wrap the end of the ribbon around the bunch several times and secure the end of the ribbon. Continue to wrap the "stem" of the feather with the stems of the flowers, pulling the ribbon tightly around them and keeping the shiny flat side of the ribbon facing outward.

Wrap the ribbon down the stem until it reaches the bottom. Wrap back up the stems to the beginning of the ribbon, beneath the flowers, while keeping the ribbon snug around the boutonnière. At the top of the ribbon-wrapping, wrap the ribbon around the stems leaving a loop, then pull the loose end of the ribbon through the loop. Repeat several times to knot. Trim the end of the ribbon. Place a dot of hot glue over it to secure if desired.

Glue a pin-back or brooch-back to the back of the boutonnière. Place it behind the heaviest portion, where the flowers are located. Allow the glue to cool and harden before wearing.

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