How to Make Paper Party Decorations

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Hosting a party is a fun way to honour friends and family members, but it is often expensive. However, you don't have to spend much money to decorate for your next party. It's easy to create your own paper party decorations inexpensively and quickly. You probably already own most of the items you'll need.

Creating your own decorations allows you to personalise your party's decor since you control the colours, sizes and shapes of everything you're making.

Purchase two different colours of tissue paper. If you don't want to use two colours, two shades of the same colour work nicely. Take eight sheets of each colour and cut the sheets in half down the length of the paper. You now have 32 sheets.

Choose four sheets of each colour and layer them. Place one colour on the bottom and place the other colour on top of it, making sure the corners match. Continue layering every other colour until you have used all eight sheets.

Fold the tissue paper accordian style along the width of the paper. Each fold should be approximately 1 inch in width. After you have finished folding the paper accordion style, wrap a piece of floral wire around the middle of the tissue paper.

Open the flower by separating each layer of tissue paper. Work carefully because it's easy to accidentally tear the paper. Arrange the flower after separating each layer. It may need to be fluffed to make it look as good as possible.

Display your tissue paper flowers by placing them on tables and hanging them from the ceiling or chandeliers with fishing line.

Repeat the steps using the remaining tissue paper to create as many tissue paper flowers as you need.

Buy eight sheets of scrapbook paper. Buy five sheets of one pattern, which you will use to make background pieces. Buy three sheets in a coordinating colour or pattern, which you will use to make letters.

Cut each sheet of your paper into quarters.

Trace the letters of the words you want to display onto the letter paper. For example, if you are creating decorations for a birthday party, you probably want to use the words, "Happy Birthday." Use whatever wording is appropriate for the party you are hosting.

Cut out each letter and glue them to the background paper.

Use a small paint brush to cover each sheet with a sealant. This will protect the banner and give it a shiny finish.

Punch two holes in the top of each card with a hole punch. One hole should be about 1 inch away from the upper left corner and the other hole should be about 1 inch from the upper right corner. String ribbon through each hole to connect each letter and display.