How to Make Queen Crowns

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Dressing up as a queen for Halloween or a birthday will make any little girl feel special. The most important part of a queen's costume is her crown. It's important to make a crown unique to reflect a little girl's taste and sense of style. Making a crown is easy with just a few items and a little bit of time.

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Draw a crown shape on metallic poster board using a crown-shaped pattern. You only need to draw the front part of the crown with three diagonal shapes. Cut out the crown shape from the poster board using scissors. Make sure to use poster board instead of paper so the crown is more sturdy.

Decorate the front of the crown. Attach glitter and beads to the crown using glue.

Cut a strip of metallic poster board for the back of the crown. The strip should about 1 1/2 inch wide by 20 inches in length.

Staple one end of the strip to the crown. Fit the crown to your child's head and cut off the excess poster board from the strip. Staple the other end of the strip to the crown.

Cut off two small pieces of masking tape. Cover the staples on the inside of the crown with masking tape to provide protection against scratches from the staples.

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