Instructions for an Outbound Four Person Tent

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Outbound tents are made for family camping. The Klondike is a four-person tent offered by Outbound. Outbound makes the tents to be assembled in a few minutes. Aluminium tent poles, rain-fly, stakes and guy-out lines are included with the tent to provide security in inclement weather.

Follow a basic formula for setting the tent up in an efficient and quick fashion.

Clear away the tent area of any rocks or debris. Remove all parts of the tent from the storage bag. Assemble the tent poles. Do not let the shock cords on the poles self-assemble, as this may lead to cracks on the ends of the pole rods. Set the assembled poles to the side.

Unroll and spread out the tent body with the door facing the direction you wish to have views. Slide the tow main body poles through the pole sleeves. The two main poles criss-cross in the centre-top of the tent. Assign an assistant to stand on the opposite side. Both of you reach down and insert the pole ends into the metal grommets at the end of the pole sleeves. The tent body now stands up with a sag at the front vestibule.

Clip the vestibule pole to the external pole clips. The vestibule pole does not go through a sleeve. The vestibule now stands upright.

Spread the rain fly over the tent and vestibule and turn it so the door on the fly aligns with the door on the vestibule. Clip the quick-clip fasteners to the tent, thus securing the fly onto the vestibule and tent main body.

Walk around the tent and place tent stakes into the pole sleeve ends and centre stake straps. Use a rock or mallet to hammer the stakes into the ground if necessary.

Thread the guy out lines through the nylon guy-out straps. Tie the ends of the guy-out lines to the spare tent stakes, pull the line out via the stakes, and place them in the ground for additional security on the tent.

Let the tent dry completely when finished camping. Pull all the tent stakes and roll the guy-out lines up so they do not tangle during storage. Detach the quick clips on the rain fly and pull the fly off the tent. Roll the fly up and pop the tent poles and vestibule pole out from the tent. Remove the poles and break them down. Slide them into the storage bag. Place the fly on the tent main body and roll up. Stuff the tent and fly into the storage bag along with the tent stakes.