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Instructions for quest badminton net assembly

Updated April 17, 2017

All badminton nets are similar and assembled in the same way. The Quest Badminton Net set is sold in various sporting goods stores and comes with the net, pole spikes and poles, case for storage and four badminton rackets. The set also comes with an official size and weight cloth volleyball, two shuttlecocks and an inflation pump.

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  1. Find a flat and open area to set up your Quest badminton net. The best place to play would be on a flat, grassy area with a lot of space. A beach also works, but the poles might not stick down in the sand as well as they would in grass.

  2. Lay out all of your poles and the net on the ground. Attach the net to the poles by tying the strings at the corners of the net to the rings on the poles.

  3. Attach two of the ropes to the rings located on the back of the top section of the first pole. Attach the tag ends of the ropes to two of the stakes.

  4. Stretch the two ropes backward and away from the pole. Arrange the pole at a 45-degree angle from the court sideline. Pound the stakes attached to the ropes into the ground securely.

  5. Maintain tension on the net while attaching the remaining two ropes to the corresponding rings on the poles.

  6. Attach the tag ends of the ropes to the remaining two stakes.

  7. Stretch the two ropes backward at a 45-degree angle from the court sideline. Hammer the two remaining stakes into the ground. Your badminton net is now ready to use.

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