Apache Awning Instructions

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Apache awnings are made by CGI Camping in France and offer caravan owners a way to expand the living space of their caravan. Available in many styles, these awnings may provide anything from a simple mud room area to additional spaces with doors and windows. They provide shade and shelter from the elements in a comfortable manner. Putting up an Apache awning may seem tricky, but there are ways to make the process a simpler one.

Spray the silicone lubricant all along the awning channel. This makes it easier to pull the awning through the channel. The spray usually only needs to be applied before setting up the awning the first time every year.

Lay a ground sheet over the area that the awning will cover. It can be adjusted as the awning is put up, so do not worry about getting it exact initially.

Unpack the awning from its bag. Separate the parts, and have the awning itself near the channel opening. Depending on the type of awning, there could be roof and vertical poles, as well as tensioners and ground pegs.

Feed the awning through the channel. If only one person is setting up the awning, feed a bit into the channel, then pull it tight at the other end. If there is another person to help, have one person feed the awning while the other is pulling it taut.

Assemble the roof brackets and insert them into the roof section of the awning. These generally run the perimeter of the roof, as well as support, to the edge of the caravan roof.

Assemble the vertical poles and slide them into place. Depending on the model of awning, there may be poles for the centre as well as the sides and corners. Use the tensioners on the poles, if included. Zip together the sides of the awning.

Use the included pegs at the base of the awning so the awning stays firmly in place. If the ground is resistant, tap them with a hammer. Attach any caravan side skirts or wheel covers. The awning is now ready for use.

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