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Celebrate a festive occasion with the use of a party tent for entertaining your guests. The party tent provides additional space for gathering and for food or entertainment as an extension of your home in the outdoors. Numerous types of party tents are available. They may include various shapes and sizes, as well as stylish designs with elaborate side panels and a canopy. Assembly requires careful handling because the tents are vulnerable to strong winds during the set-up process.

Assemble the mainframe and roof frame of the party tent. This includes the upright corner, interior legs, and roof frame with poles and connectors. Gather all the interior straight upright poles and connectors. They will vary depending on the tent's size. Insert the leg poles to the base plates using a hex bolt with washers. Use locknuts to tighten. Assemble the roof frame by connecting the cross poles to create the party tent's centre ridge. Join the rafter poles to the cross poles then attach the cross poles to form the eaves of the tent.

Attach the roof cover over the roof frame using bungee cords. Pass the cord from underneath through the eyelets in the cover then stretch the cords around the pole and back over the toggle to fasten securely.

Install the roof atop the main tent frame using a twin stepladder. The frame and roof cover can be heavy, so ask a friend to assist you when putting it above the mainframe. Lift one side at a time and insert using the connectors and corner poles to secure the roof cover.

Add the sidewall panels and end panels, if desired. Depending on the weather and other conditions, you may want an open-air party tent or partially walled tents.

Attach the end wall panels to the rafter poles and repeat with the remaining side panels. Secure the panels with the bungee cord by threading it from the inside roof eyelet first then passing it back inside through the wall panel eyelet. Wrap the cord around the pole and then back again over the toggle. Repeat this procedure with all attachment spots along the eaves.

Position the party tent in the desired spot. Pound the stakes and attached guy ropes with the maul or sledgehammer to secure the tent to the ground. Anchor the tent using the straps that wrap through the upright feet poles.

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