Instructions on How to Assemble a Conway Trailer Tent

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Conway trailer tents are one of the best-selling lightweight trailer campers in Great Britain. They are small enough to be pulled by practically any car or light truck, and can usually be set up in only a matter of minutes. You can choose to install an optional awning on the trailer, or leave it without the awning if you choose to be able to move around from place to place more quickly.

Back the travel trailer into a campground lot or other area where you intend to set the trailer up. The lot should be level and clear of debris, with an open area larger than the footprint of the trailer by at least five feet on all sides.

Deploy the stabilising bars on all four sides of the trailer. These are square tubes with feet at the bottom, connected to the frame of the trailer with locking pins. Once the bars have been deployed, lock them into place with the locking pins.

Remove the trailer's protective tarp cover. The cover is lashed down to the sides of the trailer with rope. Lay the tarp aside.

Unfold the two U-shaped bars that are connected to the sides of the top of the trailer. This will raise the second set of U-shaped bars that rise up to support the tent fabric in the centre.

Unfold the side support bars on each side of the trailer and connect them to the upright support poles with the screws provided with the camper.

Unroll the side curtains of the tent so that they fall over the sides of the tent. There is a series of metal snap buttons that connect the ends of these flaps to the trailer.

Unfold the front and back bed support bars from underneath the trailer and lock them into place using the locking pins in the bars themselves.

Place the trailer's soft surfaces into position on the beds, and the cushions on the bench. The door is a tent flap that zips closed.

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