How to Use PVC Pipe to Reinforce Tent Poles

tent on the forest image by Galyna Andrushko from

Fibreglass tent poles make tent assembly much easier than the older aluminium tube poles. However, at times the fibreglass poles can break or may need to be reinforced to properly function in your camping environment. PVC piping is a simple and cost-effective way to reinforce or replace fibreglass tent poles.

Measure the tent pole length and diameter.

Choose a PVC pipe with an inside diameter that is greater than the diameter of the existing fibreglass tent pole. Typically 1/2-inch-diameter piping will be sufficient.

Mark the length of the existing tent pole on the PVC pipe. Cut the PVC pipe at this mark using a hacksaw so the section of PVC pipe is the same length as the existing tent pole.

Insert the tent poles into the PVC piping. The tent poles should not extend beyond the PVC piping.

Assemble the tent using the PVC reinforced tent poles as you normally would with the standard tent poles.

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