Lindam Playpen Instructions

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The Lindam Safe and Secure Playpen is a multifunctional child safety product that is also useful as a health guard, room divider and safety gate. Lindam playpens provide a safe environment for infants and toddlers from birth to 24 months. They consist of six panels that form the walls of the playpen and feature a removable padded mattress, rounded corners and optional mesh covering. Lindam playpens are easy to transport and simple to set up.

Use a pair of scissors to cut and remove all zip ties around the playpen. Discard them properly.

Unfold the panels and stand the playpen upright in the desired layout. Use the indicator on the top of each hinge to help you set the proper angle for each panel. The hexagonal shape will require 60-degree angles between panels.

Insert the top bar of the end panel into the top hinge of the panel with which you started working. Push firmly until the pieces click together. Repeat for the bottom bar and hinge.

Use the provided Allen wrench to tighten each hinge and lock the playpen into place.

Position the mat over the centre of the playpen, and then push it all the way down. Fasten each set of safety ties around the bottom bars of each panel.

Press the button on the top of the panel and squeeze the handle to open the gate of the playpen.

Push the gate closed until the top and bottom bars click securely into place.

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