How to Put on a Snare Drum Sling

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The snare drum is used to keep the beat in everything from rock bands to marching bands. The snare drum sling is used by marching bands to hold and control the drum from a standing position. Snare drum slings are easy to install and use.

The properly installed sling is comfortable, and the drum sits in an easily accessible position. The sling is a simple strap with two clips for attachment. Most slings come with instructions for beginning users.

Locate the two end clips on the sling. Locate the two loops on the top of the snare drum and attach one clip to each loop.

Sling the strap over your head and right shoulder. The drum will be positioned on your left hip. Note the position of the top rim of the drum. Remove the sling and set the drum on the ground.

Adjust the length of the strap to position the top rim of the drum slightly lower than your waist. Push the strap material through the metal rang to shorten or lengthen the strap.

Put the sling back over your shoulder and walk a straight line with the drum. Walk a second line with your drum sticks and execute a drum roll. Adjust the strap to increase the control and comfort of the drum position.