Instructions for a Pro Action Cross 2 person dome tent

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The Pro Action Cross 2 Person Dome Tent uses a simple two-pole design to create a rigid shelter. It can be assembled in less than one hour by a single person and packs down into a small stuff sack. The black and red tent is designed for three-season camping and it is moderately light at 2.8 kg (6 lb).

Select a level area to erect the tent. Remove the tent from the stuff sack and spread out the material on the ground. Be sure the floor is contacting the ground and rotate the fabric until the door is facing the desired direction. Place a rock on the tent to temporarily anchor the material.

Assemble the two tent poles by connecting the ferrules of each segment. The sections are already connected by cord and can only be assembled with the connected piece.

Locate the two sleeves on the tent. One sleeve runs front-to-back and the other arches over the door. Slide the long pole through the sleeve that runs front-to-back and slide the short pole through the door sleeve. Place the pin located in the door peak in the end of the long pole. Place the pin located on the back base of the tent in the other end to flex the pole. Place the pin on each front corner of the tent in each end of the door pole. This will fully erect the tent.

Pull the corners of the tent to tighten the floor fabric. Use a rock to pound stakes through the ground loops located around the base of the tent. Locate the four guy lines on the tent sides. Pull the lines to the ground and pound a stake through the end loop to anchor the tent. Also pull the corner of the door fabric away from the door and use a stake to connect the loop to the ground.

Locate the straps on the tent corners. Pull on the straps to increase tension and tighten the tent fabric. This is only necessary if the fabric appears to be loose. Enter the tent and zip the door closed to sleep in the tent.