Troll Costume Ideas

Trolls are dark, mischievous creatures originating from Scandinavian folklore. Legends say that trolls were guardians of bridges and byways, although they were dubious and not to be trusted.

In Scandinavia, trolls were believed to be giants with long noses, big pointy ears, shaggy mosslike hair, and sometimes with multiple heads or eyes. Creating a troll costume gives lots of room for originality and creativity due to this widespread variation of folklore.


Troll hair is something that doesn't have to be too specific, as long as it's crazy and out of control. The texture should be choppy, shaggy and untamed. The colour of the hair may be virtually anything, such as black, blue, red, purple or pink. The hair should have a long length either hanging down or pinned up using accessories like bones or ties. The more primitive the accessories you use, the more traditional it will look.

Nose and Ears

Trolls have very defined noses and ears, according to Scandinavian folklore. The nose should be long and shaped in a variety of ways, such as curves, bends or sticking straight out. Additional imperfections may be added to the nose, such as warts, pimples or crevices. Ears should be long and pointed at the top, similar to elf ears but a little bit more on the extreme and grotesque side. Green or other coloured hair or fur can be added to the ears or nose to give a more "trollish" look. You can find all the supplies you'll need at your local costume shop.

Skin Color

To create a really professional troll costume, face and skin paint will help you go the extra mile. Trolls are often depicted with an unusual skin colour, such as green, blue or dark grey. Adding darker accents around the eyes and cheekbones help give a scarier, more primitive look to your troll costume. You can also add symbols and writings to your body paint, such as Scandinavian runes, to get a really authentic look.

Clothes and Accessories

Troll clothing should look very primitive and rugged. Look for clothes that appear to be torn or made from animal pelts, similar to caveman attire. For a troll costume, shoes are definently optional, and in most cases would look more realistic to go barefoot. Accessories such as fake troll teeth, nose-bones and armbands help bring the troll costume to life. Other accessories can include weapons, such as clubs or axes.