How to make garden decorations out of wine bottles

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Making garden decorations from wine bottles is a thrifty and attractive way to recycle old bottles. You can decorate your garden with wine bottles in a variety of different ways, depending on your budget, the look of your garden and the time you have to spend. You do not need to be an expert in either gardening or DIY to complete this process, and in a short space of time, you will have a classy and beautiful garden for little extra cost.

Grow flowers in the wine bottle by placing soil in the bottle and planting a seed. Place these in groups of three throughout your garden, which will make your wine bottle decorations appear organic and merge neatly with the rest of your garden.

Place a small amount of water in the bottom of a wine bottle, and place cut flowers in it. Use the bottle to replace a vase at the centre of an outdoor table. If you are hosting a dinner party outside, the wine bottle will draw people's attention to your beautiful flowers without looking ostentatious as a centrepiece.

Place a thin candle in the neck of a wine bottle to use as a table centre piece, or scatter several throughout your garden. The flickering light will make your garden seem more magical and is perfect for a garden party.

Push Christmas lights into a wine bottle. Tie a loop of string around the neck of the bottle, and hang them in groups of three from a tree or other branch. This is a beautiful way to light your garden without a great deal of cost.

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