How to Change Ugg Insoles

insoles image by Vasiliy Koval from

Ugg boots are comfortable and appropriate for all seasons. Because of that, owners of the boots tend to wear them down. Ugg Australia, makers of the Ugg boots, make some Uggs with changeable insoles and others without. Changing the insoles is a way to keep Uggs comfortable even after overusing them.

But even if your Ugg insoles are not changeable, there is a way to keep the comfort of the sheepskin in your boots.

Place your hand inside your boot. Grab the insole from the heal and pull upward to remove it from the boot.

Take the new insole out of packaging. Place it into the boot, front first and heal following.

Check to ensure it is flat inside the boot. Dispose of old insole.

Place your boots in front of you. Take your sharp object and slowly cut the edges of the insole. Make sure you are not damaging the interior or the fur of the boot.

Check the looseness of the insole, and when it is loose, pull out slowly. Remove old insole.

Check the interior for any damage. Once clear, place your new insole into the boot front first and heal last. Push down to ensure it stays flat in boot. Dispose of old insole.