How to get smell out of pleather

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Pleather, a term given to faux leather, is used to make items such as jackets, vests, skirts and even furniture coverings. Many people buy pleather rather than leather because it is more affordable and easier to clean and maintain. Pleather can take on some unpleasant smells. Some odour-causing culprits include smoke and certain foods. You can remove these foul smells with the proper tools and techniques.

Combine the white vinegar, washing powder and 1 qt. warm water in a bucket.

Dip a rag into the mixture, and wipe down the pleather item.

Empty the bucket, and rinse it and the rag well. Add clean water to the bucket.

Dip the clean rag into the water, and wipe down the pleather again to remove any residue.

Dry the pleather gently with a soft rag.

Launder the pleather if possible. Some clothing items made of pleather can be washed. Check the label for cleaning instructions. If you can put the pleather item in the washing machine, add 1 cup of vinegar to your washing powder to remove any odours.

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