How to make cheap Easter decorations

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Easter is a celebration of many events. Christians remember the death and resurrection of Christ, and children anticipate the coming of the Easter Bunny. Everyone rejoices that spring is in the air and the winter gloom is gone. Creating decorations for Easter dinners and parties can be simple and inexpensive.

Easter Spring Garlands

Figure out how many shapes you will need for your garland by measuring the area where you plan to hang it. Divide that area by the desired width of the shapes you plan to use.

Cut out your own flower or butterfly shapes from thin foam sheets or buy shapes that have already been cut.

Decorate the shapes with glitter paint, smaller foam shapes, markers or beads.

Punch out holes on each side of the butterflies or flowers (about 1 inch from the edge) with a metal hole punch.

Attach the shapes by pulling metal brads through the holes of two shapes at a time so they are side by side, facing the same direction. Continue this until you have a garland of a desired length.

Bunny Flower Pots

Paint a clay flower pot of any size white with a craft paint that suitable for Terra Cotta. Patricia's Pots website recommends acrylic or latex paint, with Patio Paint being the most recommended brand.

Turn the pot upside down. Paint the rabbit's nose, mouth and whiskers with the same type of paint you used for the pot. You can paint on eyes as well or use "googly" eyes (plastic eyes that roll around).

Cut out your bunny ears from thick card stock. Color the pink inner part. Glue them to the top of your pot with a hot glue gun.

Place your bunny in the centre of fake Easter grass and surround with plastic eggs, if desired.

Pom-Pom Chicks

Cut a diamond shape out of felt and fold it in half to fashion a beak. Use liquid crafting glue to attach the beak to a fluffy yellow pom-pom.

Glue two "googly" eyes above the chick's beak.

Place a small amount of plastic Easter grass in the bottom half of a plastic egg. Put the pom-pom chick inside so that it peeks over the shell.

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