How to find out where pedophiles live for free

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The United States government requires states to require that all sex offenders register with their local jurisdictions. Legislation like Megan's Law in California created online access for the public to research sex offenders living in their locale.

Not all sex offenders are listed in online public registries due to exemptions for certain crimes, but most offenders can be located via National or State registry websites that can be accessed at no charge. The information on these sites is to be used only for basic information in an effort to maintain personal safety.

Log onto the Internet and search for your state's sex offender registry. You may also visit one of multiple online National sex offender registries including The Family Watchdog at, The United States Department of Justice National Sex Offender Public Registry at or the Federal Bureau of Investigation Sex Offender Registry at

Read and agree to the terms and conditions associated with the registry site that you choose to use.

Enter the address, city or zip code of the area that you want to find sex offender registry information for into the search criteria box. This search will produce a map or listing of sex offenders within the geographic search area.

Select individual markers for registered addresses to review photos, address and crime information for each sex offender. New searches can be conducted by entering new criteria in the search fields at any time.