How to Locate a Person in Manchester, UK

When searching for a person in Manchester, United Kingdom, there are a variety of tools you can use on the computer or your phone. It is important to know the person's full name and as many other details as possible. This information will make it easier to find a person, especially in another country. All you need is a computer with Internet access and a working telephone.

Use the Manchester White Pages to locate a person. You can use the online search engine to type in the person's full name and specific location (if applicable). You can also find copies of this book through Greater Manchester. To use the book, you look the person up by his last name. These books are located in telephone booths across Manchester.

Use Facebook to search for a person in Manchester. Type his name into the search bar and choose "View All People Results." In the "City" box at the top of the page type in "Manchester." Peruse the results and send a message to your friend if you find him.

Use MySpace to locate your friend. Type his name into the "People" search box at the top of the page. Narrow your search by gender, name and location if you know this information. Peruse the profiles and see if any fit your friend. Send him a message if you find him.

Visit Peek You Manchester to locate a person. Type his first name in the first box and last name in the second. Make sure "Manchester, England, United Kingdom" is in the third box. Click "Peek" and the best results will appear.

Visit Pamscom UK and click "People Finder" in the left column. Type the full name of the person in Manchester you wish to search for in the box and click "Search." The best results online will appear.

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