How to make a paper "Ben 10" Omnitrix

Image by Martin Pettitt; Flickr.

Surprise your child with a “Ben 10” Omnitrix watch, especially if he is a huge fan of the popular television series. Ben Tennyson, the 10-year-old lead character, wears this bulky watch he finds at the spaceship crash site and transforms into different alien forms, all of whom fight evil.

A paper Omnitrix watch is cheaper than a plastic one bought from a shop and will keep your little one occupied for hours, especially if you involve him in making it.

Clear clutter from a table to create a workspace. For the wristband of the watch, spread a sheet of black construction paper on the table with the shorter side facing you. Measure 10 cm (4 inches) from the base of the paper and draw a horizontal line over the spot. Cut over the line carefully to separate both pieces, using the narrower length for the band aside.

Spread the larger piece of black construction paper in the centre of the table and place a jam jar lid over it, with the printed side facing upward. Press it down gently with your free hand so it stays in place while you trace around it with a pencil. Cut over the outline carefully. Draw the circle with a compass as an alternative. Keep the circle 7.5 cm (3 inches) wide.

Place the lid on a sheet of green construction paper and trace its outline. Cut around the edges to form a green circle. Draw an hourglass shape over it with sharp points or edges instead of the typical rounded ones. Cut out the hourglass shape and discard the remaining portion.

Apply an even layer of craft glue over the printed side of the lid, and carefully lower the black paper cut circle over it. Press it gently for 20 seconds so it sticks to the surface.

Apply an even layer of glue to the cut out green hourglass shape and press it over the centre of the black paper circle on the lid to create the “default” look for the Omnitrix.

Attach the lid to the narrow strip of black paper for the wristband. Apply hot glue to the edges of the lid and press it in the centre of the band for several seconds so it sticks securely.

Wrap the band around your child’s wrist. Hold the edges and turn the wrist around to see where they overlap. Mark the spots, and glue Velcro lengths over these so the band does not tear every time the watch is removed.