How do I draw a forget-me-not flower?

a blue flowers of forget-me-not image by Maria Brzostowska from

Drawing flowers is not difficult. A forget-me-not flower has a simple shape and is easy to draw if you note the overall shapes that make up the flower. Use basic strokes of your pencil and shading techniques to draw a realistic-looking forget-me-not flower.

Look at the basic shape of the flower. A forget-me-not is five ovals placed around a circle. It is the type of flower that children draw from a young age. Use a ruler to measure the ratio difference between the centre circle and the outer petals. For most forget-me-not flowers, there is a ratio of two-to-one to three-to-one.

Draw the basic outline of the flower. Draw a small circle where you want to place the centre of the flower. Draw five oval shapes around it, paying attention to the correct ratio. Draw the outlines lightly, because they are only a guide for the real drawing.

Draw the real outline of the flower following the shaping and ratio techniques. Try to make the outline look as close to the shape of the real flower as possible, including wavy petal ends and any other shape anomalies that you notice.

Note the light and dark contrasts on the flower. Add lines for shading near the centre of the flower and near the tips of the flower petals.

Shade the forget-me-not with coloured pencils, paint or markers if desired. Most forget-me-not flowers are the same colour throughout. Consider what parts of the flower the light would hit. Make this part of the flower the lightest. Make parts of the flower that the light would not touch slightly darker. Add a yellow centre with tiny white spikes leading outward. Continue to add details until you are satisfied with the picture.

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