How to Find a Previous Occupant's Address History

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Finding people these days sometimes presents certain challenges. Given the vast amount of resources available to the public, it can be difficult to navigate the proverbial "maze." When you find information, it may also be hard to discern if your information is valid or even current. You can find a previous occupant's address history using any number of public resources. Most landlords, employers and investigators usually start looking on the Internet, and doing so can save you a lot of time and effort.

Start with a credit check. Experian, Equifax, and Transunion are three credit bureaus that keep track of everyone's address history. Use to obtain information from all three bureaus at once rather than checking each individual site. You can find a previous occupant's address history using their name, Social Security number and last known address. Many landlords use these three companies to check people's credit history that is comprised of addresses that span back for possibly decades.

Use the BlackBook Online website. It is has multiple information databases for all 50 states. You can find a previous occupant's address history by first trying one of the state links or for the court and county public records links. Opt to use People Search Pro as this site provides address history for both the person you are looking and his family members, too.

Perform a check on the Criminal Searches website or search arrest records on a county clerk website. Habitual offenders such as drunk drivers or sex offenders often have a long string of addresses on record with local court systems or law enforcement. BlackBook Online also has a criminal database that can be accessed by clicking on the "Criminal Records" link to obtain previous address history for a previous occupant in the state where you live.

Obtain a police affidavit to find a previous occupant's address history. A police affidavit is a detailed statement written by a police officer that could have addresses of everyone involved in an occurrence---a crime scene or traffic accident, for example. You could effectively find a previous occupant's address history if he was detained or arrested by the police. The affidavit may have addresses of witnesses who could help provide further information about the occupant you are looking for. Contact a local sheriff's office, especially if you believe a potential criminal offender presents a danger to the community.

Search the "Find a Buddies" feature on the Military Connections website. Enter the first and last name of the person you are looking for and then choose their military status. Click on the "Active Duty" option to find someone who still is in the Army or Navy, for example. Take this information and cross-reference it into one of the earlier search options listed above.

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