Tricorne hat crafts

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Tricorne hats were in fashion during the late 17th and early 18th century. During this time period, pirates roamed the seas and both the American and French Revolutions occurred. Tricorne hats are often used as symbols of American patriotism and pirates. Tricorne hats can be made as part of a costume, in classroom activity or just for fun.

Packing paper tricorne

This tricorne hat craft results in an aged hat suitable for use in pirate costumes. Cut two circles from a large piece of heavy brown packing paper, one 35 cm (14 inches) in diameter and the other 66 cm (26 inches) in diameter. Turn a mixing bowl upside down, place the smaller circle over it and bend the paper around the bowl. Wrap a band of masking tape around the paper, one inch from the bottom edges. Cut slits in the bottom edge of paper to form tabs. Remove the crown from the bowl, place it on the centre of the larger circle and trace around it. Draw a circle 2.5 cm (1 inch) smaller inside the first traced circle. Cut out the inner circle from the centre of the larger circle to create the brim. Apply glue to the tabs on the hat crown, and place the brim over the crown. Press the inner edge of the brim down to glue them to the tabs of the crown. Fold the brim upwards toward the crown in three sections and tape in place. Paint over the paper with brown acrylic paint to age the paper.

Construction paper tricorne

This method is the easiest way to make a tricorne hat. Fold two pieces of construction paper in half lengthwise. Cut along the fold. Cut along the top edge of three of the rectangles to create three curves. Staple the shorter edges of the three rectangles together with the curving edges upward to create a triangular outline. These hats can be decorated with glitter, feathers and sequins to create patriot or pirate hats.

Paper bag tricorne

To make a paper bag tricorne hat, you will need a large brown paper bag. Cut off one of the wider sides and spread the remaining paper flat. Draw the largest triangle you can on the surface of the paper and cut it out. Place a small paper bowl upside down on a flat surface and cover its side with glue. Center the paper triangle over the bowl. Push the paper down around the bowl to create a crown for your hat. Hold the paper in place until the glue dries. Curl the three loose edges of the paper up toward the crown and tape in place.

Felt tricorne

Three pieces of black, brown or blue felt are needed to create this version of the tricorne hat. Fold each piece of felt in half lengthwise. Measure and cut out three rectangles from cardboard that will fit inside the folded felt pieces. Place the cardboard between the layers of each felt piece. Glue or staple the edges of the felt together around the cardboard. Staple the short edges of the three rectangles together to create a triangular band. Use glitter, feathers, and strips of shiny material to decorate the hat in the desired style.

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