How to make Indian flower garlands

Tim Whitby/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jasmine is used as a decorative flower in Indian flower garlands, because of its pleasant fragrance and beauty. Jasmine garlands are worn for all types of events in Indian culture. You can make your own garland made out of jasmine flowers; you must simply learn how to thread and tie the flowers on the garland.

Cut the jasmine from the stem, leaving about 2.5 cm (1 inch) of the stem on each flower bud. When cutting the jasmine, use a sharp knife to cut the stem at a slight angle.

Wrap the thread around the stem of one flower one full time, leaving a few inches of thread hanging on the end of the garland. Form a loop with the thread, and twist the loop in one direction. Slide the loop over the flower bud and pull the loop tight.

Place another flower next to the first flower so that the buds face opposite directions, and overlap the stems, so that the end of the one stem is against the base of the other flower bud. Wrap the stem of the second flower and create another loop. Repeat the process above, adding two more flowers.

Continue adding flowers until you have a flower garland that will fit over your head. Knot the end of the garland by making a loop, inserting the end of the thread through the hole, and pulling it tightly. Cut the thread, leaving a few inches on the end of the garland, and then tie the two ends together to make a circle of flowers.