How to Replace a Tag Heuer Watchband

Tag Heuer makes some of the most durable and fashionable watches on the market, which means that sometimes the timepiece modules outlast the watchbands. If your Tag Heuer watchband has seen better days, you can replace it by yourself without taking it to a watch repair shop. You will, however, need to choose a replacement watchband that is advertised as being compatible with your specific Tag Heuer model. You will also need a tool called a spring bar tool which is common for watch and jewellery experts to own, but which may not be found in the average handyman's toolbox. Once you have these supplies, all you'll need is about five minutes and a steady hand.

Insert the forked end of the spring bar tool into the narrow space between one side of one of the watchbands and the side of the Tag Heuer watch face enclosure.

Tilt the tool so that the tip of the tool pushes inward toward the watchband. This will compress the spring-loaded metal bar that runs through the loop in the watchband.

Twist the tool and the watch face in opposite directions until the loose end of the spring-loaded metal bar is free from the watch face enclosure.

Set the tool down and lay the removed watchband and spring bar tool to the side.

Repeat steps 1 through 4 on the other half of the Tag Heuer watchband.

Slip one of the spring-loaded bars through the loop on one of the halves of the new watchband.

Insert one end of the spring bar into one of the small holes from which you removed the spring bars in the earlier steps. Make sure that you're installing this half of the new band facing the proper direction, with the outside of the watchband on the same side as the face of the watch.

Use the forked end of the spring bar tool to compress the spring-loaded bar and carefully push the bar into alignment with the other hole.

Tilt the spring bar tool away from the watchband to gradually release the tension on the spring-loaded bar in a controlled manner. You will need to carefully guide the pin on the end of the spring-loaded bar into the open hole as you do this.

Gently tug on the newly installed Tag Heuer watchband to ensure that it is securely installed.

Repeat steps 6 through 10 using the remaining spring-loaded bar and the other half of the new watchband.

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