How to make a tissue paper sunflower

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Sunflowers brighten up any room. Because not all sunflowers are the same, you can make your tissue paper sunflowers in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, ranging from bright yellow to a golden melon colour and from small to very large. This type of project can be used to decorate a bedroom, kitchen or dining room or you can make a few small sunflowers to decorate a gift bag for a special friend.

Place one sheet each of yellow, gold and dark green tissue paper in a pile. Fold the pile of tissue paper in half four times. You should end up with a square that is approximately 6 inches on each side.

Use strong scissors to cut two or three petals out of your folded paper. This will allow you to cut through many layers at once. Vary the size and shape of the petals. This should produce 48 leaves in two colours along with 24 green leaves.

Glue the green leaves to the back side of a small paper plate, starting near the centre. Apply the glue first, then press the tissue into the glue. Add more glue and leaves in a spiral design covering all of the back of the plate and extending over the sides.

Glue yellow and gold leaves around the perimeter of the front of the paper plate. Overlap your leaves, but leave about 2 inches in the centre of the plate open. Mix your colours. You can even fold your leaves in half to create a more dimensional look.

Tear one sheet of brown tissue paper in half twice. This should produce a roughly 10-inch by 10-inch square. Scrunch up the paper and work your hands around it to form a flat circle. It should look wrinkled and uneven.

Apply white glue to the open centre area on the front of the plate and press the rounded brown tissue into the glue. Add more glue to glue down any area you want to lay more flat. Allow your sunflower to dry for one hour.

Add glue to one end of a sunflower seed and press the seed into the brown paper. Add as many seeds as you like.

Punch two holes in the paper plate about 1 inch apart. Use two or three large pipe cleaners twisted together to make a strong stem. Thread the pipe cleaners through the holes and twist them together. Shape your stem the way you want. You can glue a few green leaves to the stem if you want to.

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