How to Use Hair Roller Pins

Hair roller pins are used to secure a specific kind of hair roller called a "wire mesh roller." Today there are quicker and more efficient ways to curl your hair. However, some salons--especially those in nursing homes--still use them to curl the short hair of elderly women. Wire mesh rollers add curl and volume to a short head of hair. They often are used when hair is wet and held in place with hair roller pins, which look like thick plastic needles.

Wet and comb hair. Wire mesh rollers work best on wet hair because they do not have the ability to add heat to your hair on their own. Use a comb to free any tangles and part your hair. It is best to use wire mesh rollers on short hair. You could use them on long hair, but a better alternative is a hot roller set. Rub a squirt of styling gel or mousse through your roots if your hair needs a little extra hold or boost.

Roll your hair, using small sections of hair at a time. Place the curler at the tip of the strands and roll up until it reaches the base of your head. For back sections, you might need someone to roll for you.

Secure with a hair roller pin. Hold the roller in place with one hand. Grab a roller pin in the other. Place the pin in the middle of the roller and push down through the mesh roller until the pin reaches the bottom.

Dry your hair. You now can blow dry your hair or sit beneath a dryer hood. Allow to completely dry before taking out the rollers and styling.

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