How to Place Hair Combs in Hair

SbytovaMN/iStock/Getty Images

Hair combs are an inexpensive way to dress up hair. They are also invaluable when it comes to keeping other accessories, like bridal veils, snugly in place for a whole day of events. While hair combs have changed over the years in their style and size, the method to placing them in the hair remains the same.

With the right technique, you can use hair combs to accessorise your hairstyle with a little extra glitz and glam.

Style the hair in a style that will accept the combs. Curly hair works well, as does up-dos, as they give the combs something to grab onto to stay secure. Use styling product as needed. If you don't plan on using styling products, lightly spritz the hair with water to give it some extra weight.

Hold the first comb in your dominant hand. Flip it over, so that the underside of the hair comb is the part that will touch the hair when you slide it in. Find the place that you want to put the hair comb, and slide the backside of the comb across the hair until you feel the combs bite into the hair and hold.

Work in one swift movement to flip the comb over, while still in the hair, to secure it. When the comb bites into the hair, ring the sharp points of the comb underneath the end of the comb, and push it deeper into the hair.

Shake your hair. If the comb does not feel secure enough, you can try again to place it, or you can get two hair clips, and cross them across the teeth of the comb to further hold it in place. However, if you've done the technique properly, your combs should hold properly.

Repeat with other combs if necessary. Finish the hairstyle off with an appropriate hairspray; use firm hold for elaborate hairstyles and flexible hold for more natural styles.