How to Make Paper Jungle Vines Images

Paper jungle vines make great decorations at adventure-themed birthday parties. They may also appear in the bedrooms of young explorers, in elementary school classrooms, in the children's department of libraries and at summer camp headquarters.

They are a quick and easy craft for adults and can also be delegated to children. As an added bonus, making vines provides a new use for brown grocery sacks, so this project could ignite a lesson about reusing and recycling.

Cut open a paper grocery bag so that you are left with a single, large sheet of paper. Adhere single pieces of green and brown yarn to the paper with hot glue. This will later create the appearance of new growth on older vines, which will add an element of authenticity to the project.

Cut the paper lengthwise into strips of various sizes. Twist each strip so that it looks like a vine. Allow the hot-glued strings to twist along with the paper. Use hot glue to adhere toy plastic bugs to the vines.

Draw the outlines of large leaves on green poster board, and cut flower shapes out of white poster board. Add colour to the flowers with markers, paint and glitter. Use a single hole punch to create a hole in the base of the leaf cut-outs and in a petal of each flower.

Thread a pipe cleaner through the holes in the leaves and flowers. Wrap the pipe cleaners around the vines to hang the leaves and flowers. You may also wrap bendable stems of artificial flowers around the vines to add another dimension to the look.

Color several strips of masking tape brown and use these to adhere the vines to each other. You may also use masking tape to stick the vines to some surfaces. If you are uncomfortable applying masking tape direct to your wall, then you may use a paper leaf to make a pad for pushpins. To do this, use a pipe cleaner to hang a leaf on a vine near the end of the vine. Angle the leaf upward and hot glue the pipe cleaner in place. You may push a thumbtack through the leaf to hang the vine to your wall. Additionally, consider hanging your vines from artificial trees set up inside your home or on a trellis outside around a picnic table where party-goers will celebrate.