How to Make a Calla Lily Corsage

Calla image by Zane Billings from

Wrist corsages are usually worn for a prom or wedding. A corsage is a single flower or arrangement of flowers attached to an elastic band that slides onto the wrist of the wearer. The corsage can also be attached to the front of a dress with a corsage pin.

A corsage can be made from any type of flower, with rose and carnation corsages being the most popular and a calla lily corsage a close runner-up.

Choose a calla lily flower and cut the stem short--leaving approximately half an inch of stem left on the bottom.

Arrange the green leaves around the back of the flower, so one leaf is on each side of the calla. Make sure the leaves do not block the flower.

Use decorative wire to hold the leaves in place. Start at the bottom of the stem and wrap the decorative wire around in a clockwise position, going up until you reach the bottom of the flower.

Wrap the bottom half inch stem of the flower with green floral tape. Continue the floral tape to the back of the stem of the flower to hold the flower in place. Make sure to cover all of the wire.

Add ribbon. Turn the flower over and tie a piece of ribbon to the back of the flower. Make sure the tail of ribbon on each side is long enough to tie around the wrist of the wearer.