How to put hair up in a jaw clip

Anyone who has long hair knows that it can sometimes get in the way and must be put up. If you are tired of making the same old boring bun or ponytail, consider putting your hair up with the help of an elegant jaw clip. Jaw clips have spaced teeth that open and close with the help of a hinge, holding your hair tightly in place while providing a funky twist on the traditional upswept hairdo.

Gather hair in a ponytail halfway between your neck and the crown of your head. Hold the ponytail together with your dominant hand.

Twist the ponytail around with your nondominant hand until the majority of your hair begins to resemble a coil.

Raise the coiled ponytail up toward the top of your head.

Move your dominant hand to the middle of the raised ponytail, and hold it in place against the scalp.

Fold the top half of the ponytail back down toward the neck, and hold it in place with your nondominant hand.

Place your nondominant hand over the entire ponytail to make sure no hair slips out. Without letting go of the ponytail, press the two handles at the top of the clip together with your dominant hand so that the jaws open.

Position the clip so that the open jaws surround the folded ponytail and the jaws' teeth press against your scalp. Release the clip's handles to tighten the jaws around the ponytail.

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