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How to Make Honeycomb Pineapple Centerpieces

Updated February 21, 2017

Are you in the mood for entertaining? Here's an idea: Have a Hawaiian-themed party complete with honeycomb pineapple paper centrepieces. Whether you have one large honeycomb pineapple surrounded by leis and votive candles, or several smaller honeycomb pineapple centrepieces, you will be welcoming your guests the Hawaiian way.

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Decide how big you want your honeycomb paper pineapples to be. For an 8-foot-long table, use one 20-inch honeycomb pineapple, and two smaller 12-inch honeycomb pineapples. For a long banquet-size table, or for the buffet, use a 3-foot-high honeycomb pineapple. For smaller square or round tables, use a 12-inch paper honeycomb pineapple for each one.

Order honeycomb paper pineapples online in the sizes you need; you can find them at the party store Party America, and at (See "Additional Resources," below.)

Buy artificial Hawaiian leis in predominantly yellow, white and pink colours. You'll need one for every small honeycomb pineapple you're using, and three for the large pineapple.

Make Hawaiian paper flowers in yellow, white and pink. Use 6-by-9-inch pieces of assorted coloured tissue, in stacks of six. Fold stacked papers together in 1-inch fan folds, folding one up, then one down. Secure in the centre with pipe cleaner. Cut ends in 1-inch slits. Fan out folds. Carefully separate each tissue to make the flower fluffy. To make smaller flowers, use smaller pieces of tissue.

Use yellow votive candle holders with white or pink votive candles. You'll need two for every 12-inch honeycomb paper pineapple, or six to surround one 20-inch honeycomb paper pineapple.

Open the paper pineapples until fully round, and connect sides with tape or clips.

Set up honeycomb pineapple centrepieces. Put 20-inch pineapple in the centre, and unfurl leis around it. Add strings of raffia. Scatter paper flowers at outer edges of the loose circle made by the leis. Set votive candle holders evenly spaced around the honeycomb pineapple, inside the lei. For a long table, put smaller honeycomb pineapples centred between the centre pineapple and the end of the table. Loop a lei around each one, and use a paper flower and a votive candle at every place setting. For small tables, use one 12-inch pineapple with two votive candle holders and one paper flower.


You can use pillar candles with the main honeycomb pineapple in the main centrepiece, instead of votive candles.


Do not allow your honeycomb paper pineapples or your paper flowers to get wet. The colours will run and the tissue will lose body and shape. Be careful with your candles, making sure the flames are a safe distance from the paper pineapples and flowers.

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Things You'll Need

  • Honeycomb paper pineapples
  • Leis
  • Coloured tissue paper
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Votive candles
  • Raffia

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