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How to Spot Fake Lacoste Sweaters

Updated February 21, 2017

Lacoste sweaters, featuring that cute little alligator, had their heyday in the 1980s, but they are still worn today by those who continue to embrace the preppy look. That look, however, can be cheapened by a fake Lacoste sweater. Whether you are looking to buy an authentic Lacoste sweater or wondering if that cheesy guy next to you is wearing one, some tips will help you spot a fake Lacoste sweater a mile, or golf course, away.

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  1. Check out the alligator. The easiest way to spot a fake Lacoste is through the little alligator. The small guy will always be on the left side of the sweater, about chest level. He will be secured to the sweater neatly, with no loose threads or puckering. He will always be facing away the centre of the sweater. Also familiarise yourself with his looks. He's green and sports and open mouth with a tail curved above his body.

  2. Look at the inside tag. Some Lacoste sweaters may be lacking the little alligator, in which case you can look at the tag. Yes, folks may try to sew fake tags on the sweater, but you can tell this by the workmanship. The tag, like the alligator, should be secured properly with no loose threads or puckering. Also make sure the thread securing the tag is not some strange colour, like bright orange. Lacoste would never do that.

  3. Feel the material. Lacoste sweaters are going to be smooth, soft and of a thick, quality knit. They may be made of cotton, acrylic or a wood blend but will never feature an itchy, scratchy wool.

  4. Scan fine details. Many Lacoste sweaters are v-necks, but they don't always shave to be. The details to be on the lookout for include quality stitching around the neck, cuffs and waist area. See if buttons are cheap-looking or sewn on poorly. Also lookout for crazy colours or patterns. Argyles and stripes are common with Lacoste. Polka dots and flowers are not.

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