How to Tell a Fake Armani Suit

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Giorgio Armani is one of Italy's great fashion designers. His clothes are exquisitely designed, classically tailored and perennially stylish--which is why Armani has risen from humble beginnings as a fashion assistant to become the head of a billion-dollar empire. Armani's men's suits are considered status symbols. However, as with many high-end brands, counterfeiters attempt to pass off their cheaper wares as the genuine article, often on online auction sites or at flea markets. Armani suits have many distinctive characteristics, so you can learn how to tell a fake Armani suit.

Look inside the Armani suit jacket for logos or patterns. Genuine Armani suits use plain, unadorned jacket linings made of rayon or silk. If you see "Georgio Armani," "GA" or any other logo printed on the inside lining, the Armani suit is a fake.

Check the buttons of the Armani suit for any designs or names printed on them. The buttons on authentic Armani suits are plain, without any decoration.

Make sure the jacket label is not below the inner right pocket or on the left side of the suit jacket. Genuine Armani suit labels are always above the inner pocket on the right side of the jacket.

Examine the pockets on the suit jacket. Authentic Armani suits never have flaps over the jacket pockets.

Closely examine the craftmanship of the Armani suit and lining for puckering seams. Look over the quality of the fabric and stitching for any irregularities, which would indicate the Armani suit is an imitation.

Check the jacket cuff buttons for any overlapping, since most authentic Armani suits have slightly overlapping cuff buttons. If the cuff buttons don't overlap, the Armani suit is most likely a fake.

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