How to Tell a Fake Ed Hardy

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Ed Hardy is a clothing line by famous French designer Christian Audigier, based on the designs of famed American tattoo artist, Don Ed Hardy. Audigier also designed for the Von Dutch label, before starting his own company. Celebrities often wear Ed Hardy fashions, and there are many low-quality fakes on the market. You can spot fake Ed Hardy products by paying attention to a few details.

Look at the colours of the item. The colours should be vibrant, yet possess complex shading and tinges. The colours should not look faded, nor should they be simple blocks of colours. Authentic Ed Hardy items, regardless if they're printed or embroidered, always have intricate colours.

Place your hand on the item and feel the texture carefully. Regardless if the item has embroidery or printed designs, the material should feel soft and thick and not rough and thin.

Study the graphics of the item carefully. While fakes often have graphics similar to the real thing, on closer examination, the graphics of fakes often looks blockish, clumsy or inarticulate. If the designs repeat themselves, it's surely a fake as Ed Hardy designs do not repeat. Embroidered items should looks flawless up close, without loose threads or stitches out of place. From afar, the embroidery should convey a complex image with deliberate shading and dimension.

Look at the label. The label should have the famed Ed hardy bulldog wearing a cap. If the item does not have a bulldog on the label it is definitely a fake.

Look at the price. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. For example, in most stores Ed Hardy T-shirts, caps and bags range from approximately $66 to $130 dollars, or more. Items on sale are usually marked down to between £26 and £39. Odds are, if you find an Ed Hardy item for cheaper than that, it is fake.

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