How to Spot a Fake Chloe Handbag

handbag image by Cristian Ilie Ionescu from

Chloe handbags have a solid reputation for the high quality of their construction and materials. Because Chloe bags are well made, they are also expensive. And because they are expensive, many fake bags have been made in order to make a quick buck. You can often spot a fake Chloe bag if you examine it closely.

With that in mind, it's a good idea not to buy one online unless it comes directly from the Chloe website.

Look at the stitching. A fake Chloe handbag may have loose threads or flaws in the stitching. Real Chloe handbags have a thick nylon thread that's straight and tight. Fake bags often have thinner threads.

Look at the handles. A real Chloe bag has an extra piece of leather on the handles. The stitching on the handle should also be a thick nylon thread. The seams on the handles of a fake bag will point towards each other, or towards the centre of the bag. On real bags, the seems face outwards.

Look at the Chloe logo and lock. If the logo is on top of a keyhole that is upside down, the bag is a fake. A real Chloe bag will have the wide (or mushroom) part of the keyhole facing the logo.

Look at the metal on the bag. All the metal objects should be the same colour. The key and lock should be a deep brass colour. The zipper should be silver. Fake bags have a brighter brass colour on the lock and all of the metal might not match.

Weigh the bag. A real Chloe Paddington handbag, for instance, weighs more than 1.36kg. pounds. Fake bags are quite often lighter.

Look at the zipper. In addition to being silver, some Chloe bags have a mark of YKK. If there's another mark on the bag, it's a fake. Keep in mind some Chloe zippers are not marked at all.

Look at the interior lining. Most fakes have a non-corduroy interior.