How Do I Know If a Jimmy Choo Is Authentic?

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Jimmy Choo is a brand of premier designer shoes, handbags and sunglasses. Jimmy Choo products are expensive. Because of the high cost of purchasing Jimmy Choo products many companies produce knock-off items with the Jimmy Choo label. Selling or purchasing a knock-off designer product is illegal.

The most foolproof method of determining whether or not a Jimmy Choo product is authentic is to purchase Jimmy Choo items only from authorised Jimmy Choo retailers such as Jimmy Choo boutiques and high-end department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus.

Look at the "H" in "Choo." Authentic Jimmy Choo items have a specialised "H" where the line in the middle of the H is not perfectly centred; it is 75 per cent of the way to the top of the lines. Additionally, all letters in Jimmy Choo are capitalised at all times.

Check the left legs of the "M" in Jimmy. The left leg of each "M" is significantly thinner than the right leg.

Look for triangular diamond shapes in the middle of zipper teeth on authentic Jimmy Choo handbags. Knock-off bags have no diamond shapes.

Find the snaps on your handbag. Each snap says Jimmy Choo on it with little circles in between each word. The circles, called spacers, are small and not at all similar to the "O" in Choo. In a knock-off bag the spacer "O"s are typically the same size as the "O"s in Choo, marking it as a fake.