How to Identify Fake Gucci Dog Tags

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Gucci dog tags are small, silver, tab-shaped charms that hang from a necklace. They are typically emblazoned with the Gucci emblem and can be purchased at Gucci stores or authorised resellers. However, there are replicas available in the marketplace that are not authentic.

Buyers should be cautious about purchasing non-authentic Gucci items. There are a few ways to determine if the dog tags are an authentic Gucci product or if they are fake.

Buy your dog tags only from Gucci or an authorised reseller, such as department stores like Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue. This way, you can be confident that the item is authentic Gucci.

Know your price point. Gucci dog tags typically retail for around £195, as of 2010. If someone is offering the dog tags for a price that seems too good to be true, it probably is. While you can sometimes find a sale, dramatic price changes are unlikely.

Check the information sold with the dog tags. Authentic Gucci dog tags will come with a controllato card that verifies authenticity. There will be a 10-digit number on the card. Fake cards often simply have "1234567890" instead of a more complicated number listed.

Look at the engraving on the dog tags. On the back of the tags, there is a small "R" in a circle above the Gucci logo. There should be space between the circle and the "R," and the "R" should not touch the circle at any point. Fake tags often miss this detail, and the "R" touches the circle at least once.

Look at the connector on the chains. There should be a very small but distinct double "G." This is either missing on fakes or appears as just a small black mark.

Hold the tags up to the light. There should be a clear plastic film on the tags to protect them from scratches. Authentic Gucci tags will have a plastic film with a slightly bluish tint to it. Fakes usually use plastic film that is clear.

Check to see how the tags are packaged. Gucci or an authorised reseller will place the tags in a small velvet bag, either with the Gucci logo or the reseller's logo. This bag should be of high quality, and the stitching on the logo should be high-quality as well, with no threads sticking out or looking out of place.