How to Determine Men's From Women's Jean Jackets

fashion model in denim image by Paul Hill from

Denim jackets are a perennially popular fashion choice for both men and women. Popularised by cowboys and girls (who wore the jackets for their sturdy construction and durability), they are now worn by fashion-savvy people from New York to Los Angeles. They have come back into style so often, they can now be considered a classic choice that never truly goes out of style, although washes and fits change with time. Based on looks, fabric content and construction, determining the difference between a man's denim jacket and a woman's is a simple task.

Look at the button placket of the jacket and determine which side of the jacket (right or left) the buttons are on. If you lay down a men's jacket, front side up, you will see that the buttons will be on your left side. If you lay down a women's jacket, front side up, you will see that the buttons are on your right side. This is a difference that runs through all buttoned shirt/jacket attire.

Look at the fabric content on the label of the jacket. Sometimes, but not always, you can tell a women's from a men's jacket by seeing that a women's jacket has spandex or lycra in it. This helps the women's jacket to fit snugly and conform to a woman's body. Men's jackets almost never have any stretch to them, as their bodies are less curvy.

Compare a men's jacket to a women's jacket side-by-side. You can visit a denim retailer and have a salesperson show you a men's and a women's jacket simultaneously. You will be able to see that the men's jacket is larger and boxier. A women's jacket will have much slimmer sleeves, a narrower torso section and be shorter. Women's jackets will also taper a bit toward the bottom of the jacket; a men's jacket will not.

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