How Do I Spot a Fake Tommy Bahama Shirt?

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Tommy Bahama is a clothing line geared towards luxury vacation-style clothing for men and women. The company also sells accessories and rum and operates restaurants in the United States, Australia, Canada and Dubai. Tommy Bahama clothes are considered to be high-end, and counterfeit items are sometimes sold under the pretence of being authentic Tommy Bahama gear. However, there are a few ways to determine if a Tommy Bahama shirt is real or fake.

Look at the tags on the shirt. Tommy Bahama shirts have two tags on each shirt. One is a square tag and one is rectangular. The rectangle tag contains the item name, number, colour, size, price and barcode. If the shirt does not have these items, it is probably a fake.

Check the front seam of the shirt where it buttons. If the shirt pattern does not line up, it is probably a fake.

Visit the website for Tommy Bahama and look up the item that you are purchasing. Many Tommy Bahama items have specific names or colours (i.e., "mushroom" instead of "brown). If the item you are purchasing does not meet the information you see on the Tommy Bahama website, it is probably fake.

Wash the item and see how it holds up in the washer and dryer. Most Tommy Bahama shirts are machine washable but should retain their colour and quality. Check the seams, buttons and tags after washing. If they show wear, the item is probably not authentic.

Remember the old adage that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. If the price for a Tommy Bahama shirt seems too good to believe, chances are that you shouldn't believe it.

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