How to Tell If a Fendi Vintage Bag is Real

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The Fendi Co. was founded as a handbag and fur shop in 1925 in Rome. Famed designer Karl Lagerfeld began working with the company in 1965. This helped transform Fendi from a small family business into an entity that is known today for its high-end clothing, accessories and handbags. Some Fendi replicas look authentic.

But by carefully examining the purse, you can tell a true vintage Fendi from a fake.

Look for a serial number inside the bag. Fendi began issuing serial numbers for its handbags in the 1980s. Fendi bags made before the 1980s will not have a serial number.

Look at the stitching inside the bag and on the handles. Authentic Fendi bags have tone-on-tone stitching that nearly blends into the fabric. If there is any contrast stitching, it would be on the leather trim, and the stitching is extremely precise and even. There should be no loose threads or uneven spacing. In addition, the Fendi logo should be symmetrical and even wherever it appears on the bag.

Analyse the shape of the bag. Fendi vintage bags are shaped precisely.

Take a close look at the straps. Fendi handbag straps should be one solid piece of leather with no layers. In addition, there should be no lining on the back of the straps, such as vinyl or plastic.

Look at the buckles. Authentic Fendi buckles are perfectly square and have some weight when you hold them. Fake handbags may have buckles that feel light to the touch and look less than perfect.

Check the lining. Authentic Fendi bags have very soft satin or jacquard material, sometimes with the word Fendi printed on the fabric. If the fabric feels stiff or cheap, the bag is likely a fake.