Making felt flowers

Making felt flowers can be a fun rainy-day activity for children or adults. You can customise them anyway you like by using different colours and designs. Keep the flowers as keepsakes or give them to parents, teachers or grandparents as gifts. Make a bunch of flowers and create a felt-flower bouquet.

Choose your felt colour--be sure to have some green felt on hand so you can craft leaves for your flowers. Draw a flower pattern on the felt with a marker. You might want to sketch out a pattern first.

Once you have drawn the pattern, cut around the outline. If you are making a daisy pattern, or some other flower with a centre, draw a circle on yellow felt and cut around it. For leaves, trace a pattern on green felt. Leave a little bit of an overlap at the bottom of the leaf so that you can fold it over later. Cut around the outline and put the leaves and centre of the flower aside for now. You can also glue a bead to the centre of the flower.

Glue the centre that you cut out in the previous step to the outline of the flower. Once that has dried, take a pipe cleaner and glue the flower to the pipe cleaner. Allow the glue to dry once more. The pipe cleaner will serve as the stem of your flower.

Glue the leaves to the pipe cleaner by folding the extra felt at the end onto the back of the leaf. Put a dab of glue on the back of the leaf and stick the pieces together. Make sure they are snug. Or you can take another pipe cleaner and fashion it into a leaf instead of gluing felt to it. The leaf pipe cleaner can be easily attached to the stem of the flower.

Let all pieces dry thoroughly before attaching them to cards, or give them to loved ones just by themselves. Tie off your felt-flower bouquet with a ribbon.

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